alla egerthe!

I created this for the EasterFest Game Jam (this game contains the Easter passage in the bible), to learn Greek, and experiment with technology.

Please wait at least 30 seconds for the game to load.

You need to match the english word to the correct greek word. Drag the english word next to the greek word you think it matches to. When you match all the english words with the correct greek words, the next part of the story will be shown. Click on the greek word to show the transliteration. The answers are provided in the zip file if you get stuck. The answers are also here.

Even if you do not like the bible, you can learn greek, and read a compelling story. My favorite part is when Jesus pretends to be ignorant asking "Poia?"; when he pretends to keep walking further; and when he suddenly reveals himself and vanishes; and at the end when he walks the disciples out of the city.

This game may take up to three hours to beat.

There is an "Easter egg" at the end.

Tell me what it is in the comment section below.

The source code is provided. You will need to install Emscripten, a C++ to WebAssembly compiler, to compile it.  Feel free to extend the code.

Some interesting finds:

The name Irene comes from the greek word peace, as you can see when Jesus says "Peace be with you".

Emphoben: terrified.

andres: man, i.e. Android

opthophon: To see, i.e. Opthomology

zen: Living

hexenda: sixty

enphanta : Ghost, i.e. phatom

osteo : Bones

euron : they found, i.e. Eureka.

ichthus : fish

mono: only

You can even play this game on your cell phone, thanks to the cross-platform of WebAssembly!


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